Metalworking company CNC Latvia offers CNC turning and CNC milling services, ensuring constantly high quality and fast order fulfillment. A team of professional engineers combined with modern metalwork technologies allows our company to meet all the quality demands of ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

CNC Latvia turning and milling services are approved by collaboration partners both in Baltics and Scandinavia.

Parts produced by our company can be found in: 

  • cargo port cranes
  • food packing and termoforming machines
  • heat pumps
  • high sensitivity microphones
  • building structure elements
  • logging machinery
  • professional auto-racing cars 
  • and other fields.

To achieve ultimate efficiency in turning and milling we use Okuma CNC turning and milling machines. We choose only the highest precision cutting tools from Sandvik and Seco.

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Our company will accomplish high complexity works which cannot be fulfilled using manual lathes, such us conical thread, 2-3 start thread.CNC turning ensures constantly high quality for the whole production batch. In contrast to manual lathes, CNC turning secures fast and precise production of the part. The hundredth piece will be identical to the first piece and it will precisely and fully comply with the client’s drawing.



CNC milling excludes human factor, ensuring high-precision milling. 

Novelty — milling of large-size parts: sizes up to 1552 x 632 mm.

CNC milling machines technically manage milling works that cannot be fulfilled by manual mills. For example: internal T-slot milling, very fine and precise internal boreholes, high complexity external contours and profiles, etc.